Meet The Heart Behind Wild Little Fawns

Opening a boutique has been a long time dream of mine, ever since playing retail store as a child. When I was eight months pregnant with my second baby, I lost my corporate job due to downsizing.  It was then I decided 2019 would be my year, the year to finally fulfill my dream!

Why Wild Little Fawns? Wild Little Fawns was named after my two wild and mischievous, but absolutely adorable children! Growing up, my parents would always care for the deer in their yard. Bringing my own children to their house and watching them place food out for them continuously warms my heart. I always smile when I see little fawns playing with one other. They are simply beautiful, wild and completely carefree!  Being the big nature lovers we are, my family’s favorite activity is walking through wooded areas and finding pieces of nature that inspire us.

Working as a children's stylist over the past year, I became inspired by brands that reminded me of nature. I began researching sustainable and ethically responsible brands and found a correlation between design and nature.

Wild Little Fawns is fit for the organic, vintage, and whimsical lifestyle of modern parents and their children. Sizes available are children NB-7 and Women XS-XL.