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Brass Bee Bonnets are crafted carefully and with love for kids and babies who want to discover, explore and examine this magnificent world. Brass Bee Babies are explorers who find joy and magic in our natural and cultural environments. Difference is beautiful. Difference is magical. Differences make us human.

Their items are not fast fashion, they are hand sewn with love, time and careful attention to detail so they last and last and last through every childhood adventure and exploration.

*Be Safe* Please do not leave baby or child unattended while wearing a bonnet. Do not allow your child to sleep while wearing a bonnet. Do not double knot ties, especially if child will be playing unattended. Let's keep our babies safe and adorable.

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Brass Bee Bonnets Botanic Floral Reversible Bonnet w/Brim
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Brass Bee Bonnets Florabella l Reversible Bonnet Brimless
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