Navigating and exploring Mother’s Day in the time of COVID.

A New Era of Mother’s Day

Navigating and exploring Mother’s Day in the time of COVID.

 Parenting is hard enough, even without the stress, frustration, and fear of a looming global pandemic.  Throughout the past year, each of us has been asked to navigate a new world filled with face masks, social distancing, hand sanitizer, distance learning, and remote working.  We’ve learned to navigate life through the screen on our computer and the window of our car.  We’ve learned to arrange playdates over Zoom and proudly watch our children graduate from elementary school from a live feed.  We have adapted to losing precious hugs with grandparents and warm summer evenings playing in the park with friends.  We have adjusted to drive-by birthday parties and subdued holiday celebrations.

As we approach our second Mother’s Day amidst the global health crisis, the fatigue is certainly setting in.  As mothers, we often burden ourselves with the responsibility of holding the cheery disposition, maintaining the positivity, and doing whatever it takes to push away the negativity.  We place the overall wellness of our family over the small needs of our own, much to our own detriment.  As mothers, we often plaster on the happy face – and we subject ourselves to guilt when we feel we have fallen short of perfection.  Even before the COVID-crisis, the guilt we have felt for our own perceived short-comings have robbed us of so many beautiful moments – which is why we would like to recommend something radical:

For Mother’s Day this year, give yourself the gift of letting go.

Let go of the stress and pressure you put on yourself.  Allow yourself a few, quiet moments alone in the shower.  Make the space to tell your children how you feel, in an age-appropriate way.  Pick an activity that speaks to your heart and invite your children to join you.  If you feel like crying, cry.  If you feel like eating, eat.  If you feel like going to bed early, sleep.  For Mother’s Day, let go of the fear and frustration from the last year, and live in the moment.  If this past year has taught us anything, it is that life is fleeting and can drastically change at any moment:  Make the most of your moments and become the best mother you can be by letting go of the pressure of perfection.  You will not only be taking care of yourself and your own mental health, but you will also model for your children how to healthfully navigate self-care through tough times – a gift that will keep on giving for you both for the rest of your lives.

Happy Mother’s Day – be kind to yourself.

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